Why we acquired CNG EcoConnect

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Why we acquired CNG EcoConnect

Nawgati acquired CNG EcoConnect, India's largest CNG station aggregator app

Today, I am glad to announce that Nawgati has acquired Innostack Hexa Solutions, which runs CNG Eco Connect, a map-based app that navigates users to the nearest CNG station and provides a one-stop solution for their CNG needs.

Having interacted with thousands of cab drivers in the last few years, we have always wanted to provide pristine and reliable fueling information to the end users, and deliver on Nawgati’s intention of building India’s first fuel aggregator.

CNG EcoConnect, an app that has grown organically to more than half a million downloads, 125K MAUs and 15K DAUs, has a loyal customer base. We have been closely following the app’s progress, and have been hearing amazing reviews from CNG users across the country. The best kind of marketing is when your existing customers recommend the product to their peers.

This strategic move is slated to greatly expand our reach into the consumer segment to provide features like locating stations with the minimum wait time, smart payments, rewards and other benefits for users to supercharge their fueling experience.

We had recently raised our seed round with participation from MapmyIndia and angel investors at a $4M valuation. I started Nawgati in 2019 with my co-founders Aalaap Nair and Aryan Sisodia with a vision to combat congestion and non-optimal resource use at fuel stations (particularly CNG and Electric) across the country for fuel companies and end consumers alike.

Central to Nawgati's vertical SaaS offering is Aaveg, a scalable and efficient congestion management, and compliance reporting system for fuel companies. With this acquisition, we will now be able to build on the traction seen in deploying Aaveg with all major fuel companies in India. We will now be able to provide an end-to-end fuelling experience for the end consumer and provide real-time congestion information to the customers. The app will be revamped to cater to all fuel types including Petrol, Diesel, CNG and Electric.

India’s CNG and Electric infrastructure is quickly picking up, and end-consumers face problems locating fuel stations with the required amenities, and this leads to poor customer satisfaction. Most of the users we have interacted with, complain about the lack of a gold standard when it comes to fuel station locations.

Larry Page says,

You don’t need to have a 100-person company to develop that idea.

A prime example, Innostack’s founder, Bhavya Latha Bandaru will be joining Nawgati full-time to help us scale the consumer-facing offering for all fuel types, and to add new features that will improve the fueling experience for our users.

We’re creating something special with the Nawgati Fuelling App, and we look forward to sharing more updates soon.